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Developer ToolKit in CRM 2011

Developer ToolKit  in CRM 2011

Microsoft has provided the developer toolkit for CRM 2011. But it is unfortunate and sad that lot of people are either not aware or after knowing also do not like to use for their development purpose. But I found it really helpful for development as it can really increase the speed of the development. This tool is integrated with the Visual Studio 2010 to accelerate the development of custom code for Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions.

This tool comes with the latest CRM SDK version 5.0.7 You can download this from

The Developer Toolkit can be found in the following location in the SDK .sdk\tools\developertoolkit folder. Just run the crmdevelopertools_installer where your Visual Studio is present. Just remember you need VS 2010 with Silverlight 4 for proceeding with this developer toolkit development.

Please follow the below link to get a good picture…. It’s really nice …

Happy Learning ….!!!!!!!!1


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