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By default all fields getting updated issue while using oData(REST) endpoint for Web Resources in Silverlight in CRM 2011

Recently I was facing a typical issue, while updating a couple of fields of a form using REST Endpoint in Silverlight, by default all the fields in the form was getting updated to null. I found this as very strange behavior by using REST in Silverlight.

In seek of answer I found that it was the default feature when you use REST Endpoint in Silverlight in CRM 2011.

The Below URL helped me lot which talks in very detailed manner the actual cause and Resolution.

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Update Rollup 6 for Microsoft CRM 2011

Hey Guys, Microsoft has released Update Rollup 6 for CRM 2011 with many changes and fixes. You must have Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 build 5.0.9688.583 installed to apply this update rollup. You can get the latest Update Rollup 6 from

For the list of new improvements and changes you can go through the below KB article

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PreEntityImages and PostEntityImages In CRM 5.0 / 2011 Plugins

PreEntityImages :

It is basically used to capture the data when the form loads. That is the data which is present by default when the form loads.  The syntax for using the PreEntityImages in CRM 2011 is changed as compared to CRM 4.0. Remember the PreEntityImages cannot be registered for “create” operation.

Syntax Used in CRM 2011 :

Suppose you registered the Plugin and added a Image with name “PreImage

Entity preMessageImage;

if (context.PreEntityImages.Contains(“PreImage”) && context.PreEntityImages[“PreImage”] is Entity)


preMessageImage = (Entity)context.PreEntityImages[“PreImage”];

accountnumber = (String)preMessageImage.Attributes[“accountnumber”];


Here Entity is an Class that is available in the Microsoft.Crm.Sdk.dll

PostEntityImages :

The Post Image contains the attributes value which are finally changed. We can capture the changed data before the database operation takes place. And can do any kind of validation based on the changed data. Remember it can only be registered  for update message and cannot be registered on create message.

Syntax Used in CRM 2011 :

Suppose you registered the Plugin and added a Image with name “PostImage

Entity postMessageImage;

if (context.PostEntityImages.Contains(“PostImage”) && context.PostEntityImages[“PostImage”] is Entity)


postMessageImage = (Entity)context.PostEntityImages[“PostImage”];

accountnumber = (String)postMessageImage.Attributes[“accountnumber”];


The PreEntityImages and PostEntityImages are Very useful in Scenarios where we want to compare the data that is changed by the user. Based on the changes the custom operation can be performed.

The below PLugin shows the use of PreEntityImages and PostEntityImages.The plugin creates a contact record when a account record is updated. The plugin uses late binding or Dynamic Entity concept for the creation of the record.

PreEntityImages concept

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