Data Encryption Error in CRM

Recently when we were trying to update the user’s email address in CRM 2015 On Premise version we were getting the below error and we were not able to update even though the user with  which we were updating was having System Administrator and Customizer Security Roles. We were getting the below error

“There are encrypted fields in the organization database, but the data encryption feature isn’t activated. Contact your Microsoft Dynamic CRM system administrator to activate data encryption. To activate, go to Settings > Data Management > Data Encryption. For more information, see”

After analyzing the issue, we figured it out that the error is coming since this environment was newly set up by taking a DB Backup from another CRM instance where data encryption was activated. We updated with the same key from the CRM instance from where we took this backup.

How & Where to copy the Key?

  1. Sign in to Microsoft Dynamics CRM as a user with the system administrator security role.
  2. Go to Settings > Data Management > Data Encryption.
  3. In the Data Encryption dialog box, select Show Encryption Key, in the Current encryption key box select the encryption key, and copy it to the clipboard.

In case your CRM is not configured for HTTPS then follow the below link


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